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Custom Gobo Lighting Equipment Rental

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  Email: rental@ulsnyc.com
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Custom Gobo Lighting Equipment Rental



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Studio 450, NYStudio 450, NYStudio 450, NYLighting Package #8


Custom Metal Gobo Package

Description: A custom metal gobo is ideal for projecting text without find details. Gobos are thin template that are placed in a gobo projector and used to shine a pattern in light on a surface. All custom metal images are Black and White. The white area shown in the examples below would display as white light against a surface. The Black area is not projected (not visible)


Why Choose a Custom Metal Gobo?

A Custom Gobo can be created with metal if it does not contain an image with fine details and required alterations to the image are acceptable.





Gobo Lighting: Dazzle your guest by projecting you name in lights.  Create your own custom gobo image with our simple three step process.  Black and White Glass Gobos can create images with unequalled clarity, sharpness, and detail. The finest details can be rendered. Glass gobos are perfect for projecting virtually any image you can create.

Definition of Gobo: A gobo is a template that can be inserted into a lighting fixtures to project an image. A gobo may contain a logo, words, symbols, patterns, texture, color, or a picture. Gobos are circular and made of either glass or steel.

Monogram: A custom metal gobo, is ideal for projecting an image without fine details on a blank wall, floor, or ceiling.   For example the name of a bride and groom with the initial of there last name projected in the entrance of their reception hall.

Total Price: $200
Plus - NYC Sales Tax (8.875%) Set-up & Delivery

  How to Order:  

1.) Select a FONT shown below (or Click Here to view all Fonts)

2.) Select layout from TEMPLATES shown below

3.) Complete form below and enter FONT name, TEMPLATE name, your MESSAGE in description
     field (Include a brief description)

  STEP 1  

Custom Gobo Font

  STEP 2  

Custom Gobo Template


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*Note: An additional charge for delivery and NYC tax will be required


Providing Service for:
New York, Connecticut, New Jersey
New York City, and Long Island

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